Terminal Window in MT4

“Terminal” is a multifunctional window allowing to access to various terminal features. This window allows to control over trading activities, view news and account history, set up alerts, and work with the internal mail and system journal. The window can be opened by the “View – Terminals” menu command, by pressing of accelerating keys of Ctrl+T, or the “Terminal” window button of the “Standard” toolbar.



In this tab, one can view the status of open positions and pending orders, as well as manage all trading activities. Besides, the total financial result for all open positions is published in this tab;


This tab contains the summary information about the state of assets by all open positions;


History for all performed trade operations and balance without taking open positions into consideration are published here. The efficiency of all trade activities can be estimated with the results given in this tab;


All financial news incoming in the terminal can be viewed from this tab. This prompt information is indispensable for fundamental analysis;


Various alerts can be viewed and set here. Any files executable in the operational environment (including wave files) and messages to be sent by email can be used as alerts;


All message income in the terminal by internal email are stored here. Electronic messages are sent from here, as well;


This tab displays a useful web page for a trader;


Buying or downloading applications from the market of MQL4 applications at MQL5.community.


This tab displays trading signals of the “Signals” service, which are available for subscription;


Here you can download any application published in the “Code Base” section of the MQL5.community website;


This tab displays the result of searching through the client terminal;


Information about functioning of the attached expert, including opening/closing of positions, order modifying, the expert’s own messages, etc., are published in this tab;


Information about terminal launching and about events during its operation, including all trade operations performed, is stored in the journal.


The “Trade” tab contains information about the current status of the trading account, about open positions and pending orders placed.
All open positions can be sorted by any field. Then there is a line of the account balance and financial result of open positions followed by the list of pending orders. When a pending order triggers, a new position will be opened and the pending order line will be replaced with that of the position opened.

All trade operations are displayed as a table having the following fields (from left to right):


The operation ticket number. It is a unique number of the trade operation;


Time of position opening. The time is represented as YYYY.MM.DD HH.MM (year.month.day hour.minute). This is the time at which the position was opened;


Type of the trade operation. There are several types of trading operations that can appear here: “Buy” – long position, “Sell” – short position, and pending orders named Sell Stop, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, and Buy Limit;


The amount of lots participating in operation. The minimum amount of lots to participate in operations is defined by the brokerage company, and the maximum is limited by the deposit size;


This field displays the name of the security participating in the trade operation;


Price of position opening (no to be mixed up with the current price described below). This is the price at which the position was opened;


The placed Stop Loss order level. If the order has not been placed, a zero value will be written in this field.
More details about working with orders can be found in the corresponding section;


The placed Take Profit order level. If the order has not been placed, a zero value will be written in this field.
More details about working with orders can be found in the corresponding section;


The current price of the security (not to be mixed up with that of position opening described above);


Commissions charged by the brokerage company at performing trade operations are written in this field;


Taxes charged when performing trade operations are written in this field;


Charging of swaps is stored in this cell;


The financial result of the transaction made will be written in this field taking the current price into consideration. Positive result means that the transaction was profitable, and negative one means that it was unprofitable;


Comments on trade operations are stored in this column. A comment can only be written at the position opening or at placing of a pending order. Comment cannot be changed at order or position modifying. Besides, the brokerage company can store a comment to a trade operation, as well.

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